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Colon Hydrotherapy is the safe, gentle infusion of warm, purified water into and out of the rectum and large intestine using no chemicals or drugs. This detoxification process removes stagment and built-up fecal matters from the large intestines. At Relaxzone, our state-of-the-art colon hydrotherapy system offers elegence, simplicity and dignity to hydrotherapy.

How Our Colon Hydrotherapy System Works?

With client rests comfortably at inclined position, a one time use rectal nozzle is inserted about 1.5 inches. A
gentle flow of gravity-fed, one-hundred degree water begins. Water flowing into the colon initiates peristalsis and the client responds by releasing water and waste repeatedly over the course of the next 35 minutes. This progressive irrigation and hydration that starts at the rectum, goes through the transverse section and then to the cecum, breaks up waste matter and achieves the complete evacuation of the colon.

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy
Colon therapy may help with some of these conditions

AnxietyChronic Skin Disorders such as Acne and Eczema
Chronic IndigestionExcessive Snoring
Chronic HeadachesChronic Fatigue
Chronic Constipation/DiarrheaIrritable Bowel Syndrome
Chronic Bad BreathColitis
FibromyalgiaMuscle Pain
AllergiesBody Odor
1 Session (60 mins)

* Package deals available