Why Waxing is Important for Your Skin

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Why Waxing is Important for Your Skin

Waxing is like weeding your garden. You do it every few weeks to make your garden clean and organized. By removing the weeds, your other plants can grow more easily and flourish in their environment.

Many people prefer to use the waxing method to remove hair since it provides a long-lasting effect, usually for up to eight weeks, depending on how fast their hair grows back. Waxing is one of the most effective ways of hair removal because it goes deep into the skin and pulls up the root of the hair.

Here are the benefits of waxing:


Waxing leads to a glowing skin tone, especially if it’s consistently performed on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. When you put the wax on your skin, it immediately starts to harden. By removing the wax strip, it pulls out the hair as well as dead and dry skin. Your skin texture will improve and feel silky smooth. It’s important to apply a moisturizer after waxing to enhance your skin’s softness and to counteract any redness and irritation.

Slower Re-growth

Since waxing removes the root of a hair, the follicle has to take more time to create a new hair. With a slower re-growth, you get to enjoy a longer period of doing what you love while looking your best, whether it’s playing sports or relaxing by the beach.

Thinner Re-growth

Once you have waxed a few times in the same area, the hair follicle stops making a new hair altogether. This is good news since it gives you less waxing to do in your future sessions.


If you’re unable to make an appointment for a waxing session, you can still do the waxing yourself. There are various types of waxing kits for all areas of the body available in pharmacies and grocery stores. Waxing is also an affordable method with quality kits under $20. For best results, you must remove all the oils and makeup from the areas that will be waxed prior to waxing and trim the hairs if they have grown excessively long. Always follow the instructions in the kit to avoid complications.

Special Note: It’s important to take sanitary precautions before, during and after waxing since it’s a method of hair removal that exposes the follicles to bacteria. Speak with your spa specialist on their sanitary procedures to ensure that they are taking the proper measures to protect your health.

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