When to Consider Massage Therapy

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When to Consider Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is highly sought after during particular health situations. If you’re suffering from any type of mental health condition or are undergoing difficult health problems, this complementary alternative medicine (CAM) is an excellent choice to add to your treatment plan Massage therapy can…

Reduce anxiety

The goal of massage therapy is to release tension and pain deep within the sub-layer of musculature and fascia. The treatment is also designed to help the body relax, in order to energize it. Some key things that massage therapy can do mentally is:

  •      Stimulate circulation to increase levels of oxytocin and serotonin — which combats stress buildup that contributes to anxiety
  •      Lower your blood pressure and elevate your mood (which is very helpful for both anxious and depressive symptoms)
  •      Stimulate circulation to induce a relaxation response (helpful for a deep sleep!)

Prepare you for surgery

If you need to go for surgery, a massage session before the procedure will help prepare the body and mind to relax in order to optimize healing. A massage can speed up the healing process and present fewer complications too. Some reasons are because:

  •      Massages can help to reduce fluid accumulation
  •      Massages target swelling
  •      Reduce or relieve pain
  •      Work to keep tissues flexible
  •      Help the body stay mobile
  •      Reduce stress and tension
  •      Has a positive effect on immune cell function
  •      Lower the production of cortisol

Help you overcome traumatic accidents

If you’ve been a traumatic accident such as a bad car accident, massage therapy can be beneficial in the recovery phase. Massage therapy works to target ailments to heal deep injuries, increase mobility, increase blood flow and promote cell regrowth and reconstruction.

Massage therapy works to:

  •           Soften scar tissue
  •           Release chronic pain and compressed areas
  •           Induce relaxation
  •           Help you sleep better
  •           Realign muscles
  •           Help internal injury recovery
  •           Reduce mental effects

If any of these situations apply to you or you simply want to come in to experience the health benefits of a massage, please book an appointment with us today!

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