When it’s Time to Get a Sports Massage

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When it’s Time to Get a Sports Massage

Massages are truly beneficial if they are done on a regular basis. Why? Because the effects are temporary.

It’s crucial for anyone who performs an ongoing exercise to have a massage before and after their activity, whether or not they have sustained injuries. In this case, a sports massage can be a better choice for your body since it can prevent delayed muscle soreness and help manage stress.

The added stress of any activity causes the body to overcompensate and adapt to its situation so it can cope. Mind and body are closely connected, so in taking care of your body, you will be taking care of your mind, as well.

Here is how a sports massage can improve your health and performance:


To get yourself motivated and your body prepared, a pre-workout massage involves faster motions, as well as stretching to warm up and loosen the muscles, tendons and ligaments.  With the increase in blood flow, your joints will be more flexible and limber, which will make you agile in the game. At this stage, little to no oil is used because it clogs up pores and makes it difficult for the body to sweat.

Massage Therapy Canada suggests having this massage 15 to 45 minutes before your activity. The massage should not be too strenuous if it is performed close to the time of the activity. Adding this to your regular warm-up routine will improve your performance.


After all the energy you’ve spent either on the mat or out on the field, this is the time where your mind and body can relax. Massage Therapy Canada says it’s best to have a massage within the first two hours after the exercise.

Heavier pressure is used to get down into deep tissue at knots of pain and tension. The pressure increases mitochondria, which allows for muscles to use more oxygen and endure longer in the next activity. A Swedish massage is commonly used in this instance. This massage should not be painful as it is done to soothe the tired muscles and tissue. You will still be sore after the massage, but be rest assured that over time, your body will feel the effects and be better for it.

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