What You Should Know About Colon Hydrotherapy And Juice Cleanses

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What You Should Know About Colon Hydrotherapy And Juice Cleanses

During this day and age when everyone seems to be conscious about the way they look, every person is certainly looking for a regimen that will help him cope with daily stresses. Of course, when it comes to that search, the concern all boils down to how the process goes and if the body will be able to manage the effects that come with the regimen. Yes, there are different processes to choose from. Amongst your choices are juice cleanse and colon hydrotherapy. Get to know these two things better through the following facts:

Defining a juice cleanse

A cleanse, in general, is a regimen where a person will decide to limit his diet to eating fresh vegetables or drinking fruit juices together with water. A complete cycle can be completed within several days whilst there are those that require several weeks.

Juice cleanse, as the name implies, is a cleansing method where you are allowed to take freshly-made juice. If you are thinking of buying a bottle of orange juice from the grocery near you and use it for cleansing then think again. It will defeat the purpose of juice cleansing. A juice cleanse aims to eliminate all unwanted toxins in the body through drinking juiced vegetables and fruits.

The benefits of a juice cleanse


Apart from eliminating toxins from the body, there are yet other benefits you will enjoy from a juice cleanse. For one, it helps increase your energy whilst also improving your digestion. It can even improve sleep patterns and eventually eliminate your cravings for sweets and coffee. Not to forget that it will also give you glowing skin and reduce your risk for cancer. Once you have completed a cycle for a juice cleanse, you will notice you already have better eating habits.

Colon hydrotherapy whilst on a juice cleanse

A juice cleanse will not be complete without colonics or colon hydrotherapy. In one complete cycle, colonics need to be done during the first, third, fourth and seventh day. Why is this needed? You may ask. It is for the fact that it helps cleanse deeply and will likewise be of help in flushing and removing toxins from your colon. Take note though that the need for colon hydrotherapy in a juice cleanse may vary depending on how regular and healthy your bowel movements are. It may mean undergoing a few more sessions in case you are still experiencing constipation and other bowel-related problems at the moment.

When you have done colon hydrotherapy and juice cleanse altogether, you will be able to achieve a list of benefits. This will include proper assimilation of nutrients in the body as wastes are eliminated quickly and normally. This will then lead to getting rid of constipation, bloating and even tiredness.

Juice cleansing and colon hydrotherapy is not for everybody

This is one thing you should remember before you undergo a juice cleanse. Diabetics, those undergoing chemotherapy and are having nutritional deficiencies and even those who are underweight by 10 pounds are not allowed to undergo juice cleansing and colon hydrotherapy. This is likewise not recommended for those suffering from kidney disease.

How to make the process successful

There are times when you might not be able to like the recipe in the juice cleanse. When that happens, you should make a few adjustments. You are allowed to substitute a fruit or a vegetable with another fresh fruit or vegetable.

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