What to Expect During Your First Massage

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What to Expect During Your First Massage

If you’re new to massage, and are preparing for your first appointment, you probably have a thousand questions about the process: How long will it take? What will we talk about? How do I undress? This is normal.

You’ll be relieved to know that the whole process is relaxing and positive. Massage therapists are knowledgeable professionals trained to make you feel comfortable.

Here is some valuable information to help you prepare for your first massage:

If you’re not comfortable undressing, you don’t have to. Many people shy away from massages because they worry about undressing in front of a stranger. Massage therapists leave the room while you undress to your level of comfort.

Massages are tailored to your needs. Each body is different. Some people suffer from chronic back pain while others suffer from sore feet. Your massage therapist takes things like physical condition, lifestyle, mental health, stress levels, and age into consideration when preparing for your massage. This process is about you.

You’ll be in a relaxing environment. Massage rooms are usually low lit, relaxing places. There can be candles and soft music playing in the background. If this is a distraction to you, be sure to tell your massage therapist. To fully enjoy this environment, leave your phone at home.

Verbal feedback is encouraged. If your massage therapist is pressing too hard, or spending too much time on one area of your body, you are encouraged to tell them so.

Expect the use of oils and lotions. Massage therapists use special oils and lotions to help warm the skin and help facilitate massage. If you have an allergy or sensitive skin, be sure to tell your massage therapist beforehand.

Don’t forget to ‘go.’ Normally, massages last about an hour. To avoid disruption and distraction, be sure to use the washroom before your session begins.

Enjoy it, right until the end. After your massage, it’s important to take your time. One of the best parts of getting a massage is the full-bodied relaxation you feel afterwards. So spend a few minutes on the bed after your massage therapist has left.

Don’t run a marathon after a massage. The flip-side of this relaxation is that you might be a little lethargic. Don’t plan a massage right before a sporting event, important work meeting or dinner party. You might be in la-la land for a while.

Feel better? Massages aren’t meant to be scary. They are a relaxing, wonderful way to reset, both physically and mentally.

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