What Are The Benefits Of Different Massage Therapy Styles?

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What Are The Benefits Of Different Massage Therapy Styles?

When thinking of a treatment modality that will help calm your soul and soothe your senses, only one thing comes to mind, that is, no less than massage therapy. This has been practised for several years now and with that branched out different types of therapies we are experiencing today. Whilst all of these therapies bring about that soothing and calming effect, we can distinguish one from the other particularly with other benefits that they deliver. Get to know about these different massage therapy styles and how each of them will benefit you.

Swedish massage

This is amongst the most common types of massage therapies. It commonly involves long, soft, kneading and tapping strokes. It is known for four common strokes namely friction, effleurage, petrissage and tapotement. This massage therapy is well-loved for the fact that apart from being a relaxing choice, it is also energising. It can also help you out with certain injuries. Depending on the type of stroke, other benefits will be enjoyed. In the case of friction for instance, the deep, circular motions will help in breaking down scar tissue and increasing blood flow.

Neuromuscular massage


This therapy is known for its soft tissue manipulation that delivers its benefits to the patient. This is best to be used for those undergoing chronic pain related to either the nervous and muscular systems. It focuses on addressing tender muscle points and all sorts of problems resulting from frequent movement injuries. It is also good for promoting nerve compression, circulation and postural issues.

Sports massage therapy

This therapy, as the name implies, is a treatment modality that helps athletes or sports-inclined individuals who are undergoing rigid training. Sports massage is also helpful in all aspects of the sports event right from the preparation to undergoing the sport itself and right after the event. It helps the athlete in two ways – first is when it comes to promoting flexibility for a game or an event and the other is to help in injury prevention.

Deep tissue massage

Addressing the stiffest and most troublesome parts of your body, deep tissue massage is done by a massage therapist by using deliberate and slow strokes focusing all pressure on tendons, muscles and deep tissues underneath the skin. This type of massage may not be as rhythmic as other forms of massage therapies but what makes it one of the most sought-after treatment modalities is the fact that it has the capability to relieve even those chronic tension patterns. With this particular benefit, it is said to be therapeutic thus it can be a dependable therapy of choice for those experiencing muscle injuries.

Chair massage

Are you familiar with chair massages? These ones are chairs doing the usual massaging job and can be seen in many events or even in some airports worldwide. Some other companies include massage chairs as part of their incentives for their employees. This massage therapy makes use of a specially-designed chair where you can sit down with your clothes on whilst enjoying the massage for your neck, hands, arms, back and shoulders. It is one of the most popular massage choices for people on the go who want to benefit from at least a soothing massage even for a short while.

As you have seen, these different massage therapies offer advantages depending on the style applied for each modality. If you want to experience the promised benefits of any of these therapies, you can look for massage therapists in Richmond Hill. Come visit us and we assure you that our team of professionals will keep r muscles soothed and your mind rejuvenated during and after the session.

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