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physiotherapyPhysiotherapy is a treatment method that helps improve, maintain, and restore movement and function in the body. Through exercise, massage, education and advice, physiotherapists can help treat patients of all ages. Physiotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of issues, like headaches, neurological disorders, fractures, arthritis, and post-surgical injuries.

At RelaxZone, our professional physiotherapists work with clients on an individual basis to alleviate pain and prevent future injury. Our programs are carefully tailored to suit your individual needs and specific lifestyle. Whether you are suffering from a common sports injury, muscle stiffness and tears, or general weakness, we can use a combination of active and passive physiotherapy to help you return to your pre-injury level.

What Happens During a Physiotherapy Session?

Your first physiotherapist session is generally a casual, get-to-know-you experience. It’s an opportunity for our knowledgeable physiotherapists to assess the nature of your injury, and understand how it may be influenced by other factors in your life. This informative session may involve a detailed conversation as well as a physical observation to determine the seriousness of your injuries.

As your physiotherapy sessions progress, you can expect a range of suitable exercises to help you with your recovery. These may include active or passive physiotherapy. Here are brief descriptions of each:

Active Physiotherapy: This form of physiotherapy includes physical involvement of the client. Exercises like low stress aerobics, stretching, and exercises in water are some common examples of active physiotherapy.

Passive Physiotherapy: Passive forms of therapy are more focused on pain relief. Some types of passive therapy include ultrasounds, hot and cold presses, electrical current treatment, and acupuncture.

What Does Physiotherapy Feel Like?

Although you might feel some discomfort or strain during stretching and other active exercises, physiotherapy is designed to strengthen your muscles and alleviate pain. You may feel tenderness the day after a physiotherapy session, however, the end outcome is intended for you to live your life, pain-free.

The expert physiotherapists at RelaxZone will work with you every step of the way. Contact us today for more information about our physiotherapy services.