Pregnancy and Massage: The Benefits of Pre-natal Massage

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Pregnancy and Massage: The Benefits of Pre-natal Massage

The benefits of massage on the mind and body are well documented.  From stress relief through increased healing for injuries, adding massage to your overall health plan can be an excellent choice for anyone.  But if there was a time in one’s life when you should be particularly mindful of wellness, it would be during pregnancy.  Your body is changing and growing, and creating new life.  And though the process and end results are wondrous and loving, it can be quite stressful on the body.  Pre-natal massage can be one way to lessen the burden of pregnancy, reduce the associated stress, and allow you to focus on motherhood and your growing family.  While most trained massage therapists are able to perform pre-natal massage, at RelaxZone, this type of treatment is only done by certified therapists who have received special training.

Reduce Depression and Anxiety

Mental wellness is a primary concern among most pregnant women.  Pregnancy is a time of hormonal upheaval, and these changes can sometimes have an effect on your state of mind.  All good massage therapies can relieve stress and improve concentration and sleep.  Pre-natal massage focuses on improving hormone balances, as this is a major part of a healthy pregnancy.  Regular sessions of pre-natal therapy throughout gestation can lead to decreases in cortisol and increases in dopamine and serotonin, which lower anxiety and alleviate depression, respectively.  Such hormone balances have been shown to lead to fewer complications during birth and lower incidents of issues such as low birth weight.

Improving Circulation

A major cause of pain and stress during pregnancy is joint pain.  Joint pain can happen for a number of reasons, but is primarily due to swelling.  Swelling and water retention in the joints is itself caused by low blood flow and poor circulation.  Making sure to keep moving, and sleeping with your feet slightly elevated can help reduce swelling and pain.  If however these solutions aren’t enough, or if you have any mobility issues during your pregnancy, pre-natal massage can be a wonderful tool to help reduce joint pain and make your entire pregnancy an easier affair.

Help with Back Pain and Improved Sleep

Most of the weight you carry during pregnancy is out in front, and this places increased stress on your back muscles, and hips.  Back pain and sciatic nerve pain are among the chief complaints of many pregnant women.  The usual remedies for such issues (namely stretching) are often increasingly difficult as your term progresses.  Pre-natal massage can focus on these hard to treat areas, to reduce muscle and nerve pain and improve sleep.  Lack of sleep due to discomfort and pain can make any other challenges you are facing more complex.  With regular pre-natal massage throughout your pregnancy, you can rest easy, relax, and allow this wonderful time to pass peacefully and with ease.

To book a session of pre-natal massage, or to find out about any of the other therapy services we offer, please contact RelaxZone today.

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