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Mental Benefits of Massage

The physical benefits of massage have been well documented. A whole body massage can help release built up muscle tension, while area specific intensive sports massage can increase blood flow to promote healing. But more and more, healthcare professionals understand that wellness and health are an interconnected system. Mental wellbeing benefits your physical strength and likewise, physical activity and relaxation activities—such as massage—can directly benefit your mental health and cognition. At RelaxZone we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to your health, and so we would like to share the following mental benefits of the varied massage therapy option that we offer:

  • Touch: anyone who has shared a hug with a loved one, or cuddled with a kitten understands the importance of touch to mental wellbeing. Massage can offer another dimension to this important aspect of overall health. Relaxing touch stimulates the production of oxytocin—the so-called “happiness hormone.” It also decreases the production of cortisol, a chemical linked to stress and even heart disease.


  • Relaxation can improve sleep. If you are tossing and turning at night because your shoulders are sore, or even if you simply have something worrying on your mind, the effects of lost sleep go much further than simply being drowsy the next day. More and more research is pointing to sleep-debt as a major cause of long-term health problems. One of the most concerning aspects of lost sleep is its connection to memory problems. Integrating massage therapy into your healthcare routine can decrease stress and thereby improve sleep and memory.
    Stubborn injuries can do harm beyond the affected body part. Mental symptoms are a major complaint of many people recovering from sports injuries. If your chosen activity was a big part of your life prior to your injury, adjusting your schedule during the healing period can be a challenge. Massage can help alleviate these symptoms for two reasons. First, you are actively promoting healing and improving your road to recovery. Second, adding massage therapy to your ongoing routine of physiotherapy can provide a welcome balance to anyone tired of the inside of a doctor’s office.


  • Decrease work related stress. The week can be very long. Having a concrete time set aside to work on your stress can leave you feeling empowered and better in control. Work-life balance in vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and sustaining the passion that you have for your career. Burn out is a serious concern, and massage therapy can be a fantastic tool in combatting workplace fatigue.

Massage therapy has long documented benefits for both physical and mental health. Our team of experienced massage therapists can find and fine tune the best treatment plan for you. For any questions, or to book an appointment, contact RelaxZone today.

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