Massage Therapy to Remedy Headaches

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Massage Therapy to Remedy Headaches

Life is busy and often presents an onset of stress that each person deals with differently. Our bodies often send signals to the brain telling us to slow down, and this often comes in the form of pain. In fact 59% of the Canadian adult population deals with pain consistently in the form of headaches. 33% of people suffer from acute tension-headaches, while 17% suffer from a range of migraines, which can significantly interfere with quality of life.

What happens when we’re in pain?

When our bodies experience pain like headaches, an inflammatory response pulsates through our blood vessels triggering pain responses in our scalp and head. This mostly happens when we have experienced prolonged stress, or from not giving our body enough of its basic needs like food, water, rest and relaxation.

Over-exertion is another reason pain can occur and in general, this representation of pain shifts the brain over time from classical pain areas to the areas of our brain that affect our moods and emotions.

How massage therapy can help

Massage therapy can pinpoint the areas that trigger headaches and migraines – typically areas that are under the back of the skull known as the sub-occipital group. These neck muscles are responsible for the finest movements of the neck and head, and continually work to keep the head balanced and in alignment with the spine.

This will help you relax, calm your nervous system down and lower the inflammation in your body.

Your registered massage therapist will be able to ensure that the proper areas related to your pain are worked on to release any built-up tension and stress. With a series of massage sessions paired with other health initiatives, it’s completely possible to remedy your headaches for good! Have you been suffering from headaches? Start by getting in touch with us today.

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