How Do Acupuncture Help With Causes Of Running Injuries?

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How Do Acupuncture Help With Causes Of Running Injuries?

Whether running is part of your daily exercise routine or you are a professional runner participating in one of Toronto’s marathons, you have to remember that acupuncture plays a vital role to keep you going. Yes, running and acupuncture go well together. This is because of the fact that acupuncture, as a treatment modality, is helpful in all sorts of pain commonly suffered by runners ranging from simple hip and knee pain to fatigue and plantar fasciitis. In this page, you will find out more about acupuncture and how it helps soothe causes that lead to running injuries.


Acupuncture and kinetic chain imbalances

Running can be stressful and that stress can be transferred to the connective tissue known as fascia. Along these fascial lines, injury can occur, especially at the weakest points. In many instances, these injuries actually occur not on the painful site but just either below or above it. Take for instance if you feel some sore on your Achilles tendon. This is caused by a hypertonic hamstring and calf.

Acupuncture can help with these problems. It does that by helping release trigger points and eventually correcting any kinetic chain imbalances felt on these kinetic chains. With this therapy and even just a single needle placed in your hip, you will certainly feel the change.

Acupuncture and the lazy butt syndrome

It is common in most runners to experience inactivity along those muscles that are supposed to keep the pelvis stable. These muscles are otherwise called as lateral glutes. When these muscles are inactive, expect that the femur will move or rotate inwards from which, your hip will seem to collapse later on. This will then result to instability in all other leg areas including your feet, knees and ankles.

It is good to note that acupuncture can help stabilise the pelvis as it activates the lateral glutes. This treatment modality will likewise be of much help in reviving the connection between your butt and that of your brain thus dictating that hip stability be maintained so you can be in your best running form.

Acupuncture and inflammation

When some running injuries, like the ones mentioned above, are not given proper care and attention, inflammation will result. This stinging sensation causes pain and can even impair your supposed running form. This can worsen if you are overtraining, have a poor diet and do not have the right biomechanics.

Why wait for things to worsen if acupuncture can help you with these concerns? With the very fine, thin needles used in the process, you can expect that it can address all pockets where inflammation is experienced. This will eventually help with your body’s healing process thus helping you restore function, mobility and strength. Add to that, take note that acupuncture extends its job by posing an anti-inflammatory effect that the whole body will enjoy.

Acupuncture and tendon dysfunction

Another cause of running injuries is tendon dysfunction, a situation where the runner injures his tendons as a result of an abrupt increase in training loads. Running too many miles at a faster rate can overload tendons and can scar tissues.

With acupuncture, you never have to worry about tendon dysfunction anymore. This treatment modality gets help from the needles used in the process by bringing circulation into those body areas where blood supply has been limited. It likewise helps with the release of too much tension that an overloaded tension is experiencing at the moment.

The above examples just show how acupuncture helps much in running injury prevention and in keeping you in top shape when running. Enjoy acupuncture in Richmond Hill and engage in your most loved sports activity without worrying much about muscle pain and stress.

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