Can Reflexology Help Balance Your Hormones?

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Can Reflexology Help Balance Your Hormones?

If you are looking for a non-invasive treatment for some of your bodily ailments, it is good to note that you have a lot of solutions. One of which is reflexology. This natural treatment has been created to help when it comes to promoting one’s optimal wellbeing whilst also addressing symptoms related to a wide array of disorders. One of the things that make reflexology one of the most sought after treatments is the fact that it helps deal with hormonal imbalances.

Understanding hormonal imbalance

Before looking into how reflexology helps with hormonal imbalance, let us understand the condition better. Hormonal imbalance is a result of stress. When we undergo stress, our bodies release a certain type of hormone called cortisone as a natural way of responding to danger. When this takes place, there is a chance that our heart rate will also raise and the bronchial tubes will likewise become dilated. This can result to negative effects – weaker immune system, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction in men and PMS in women amongst others.

Apart from stress though, it has to be noted that hormonal imbalance may also be a result of nutritional deficiency. It is important then to watch out what you eat to keep your hormone levels in tip top shape at all times.

Reflexology as a modality to correct the situation


Amongst the many treatments that can be used to correct hormonal imbalance, reflexology is one of the most popular choices these days. This is because of the fact that the process has the capability to work by targeting stress and reducing it thus correcting the body’s cortisol levels. Also, it is noted for its benefits like giving the immune system a boost, improving circulation, eliminating harmful toxins from the body and stimulating the functions of the reproductive glands. All these put together, hormonal balance will be restored.

How reflexology helps with hormonal imbalance

Reflexology is one of those therapies under the energy meridian system for Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. In the energy meridian system, attention is given to the meridians in the body. In reflexology, the focal point of attention is the foot. Some of the most important meridians are found in this part of the body and are presumed to be connected to many of the organs and glands in all other body parts. With this, TCM became popular and is now an accepted system not only in China but also in other Asian countries and many other countries all over the globe.

In the Western side of the world, however, doctors express a different view on the benefits of reflexology. They believe that thousands upon thousands of nerve endings are found on the feet. This is the reason behind why massaging this part of the body will have a great relaxing and soothing effect to the whole body. In the process, hormones are signalled to flush out any excess cortisol hormones thus resulting to a balanced wellbeing.

East meets west

Whilst these two worlds may have different views regarding how reflexology works, it can be noted that doctors from both sides of the world believe that reflexology is an effective therapy when it comes to treating any person’s hormonal imbalance. It cannot be discounted that this treatment modality, in one way or the other, brings about a feeling of relaxation in the body that allows it to fight stress, the common cause of hormonal imbalance.

Try reflexology in Richmond Hill and see the results for yourself! Rest assured you will feel how relaxing this therapy is and how refreshed and revived you will feel after the process.

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