9 Reasons to Leave Your Waxing to the Professionals

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9 Reasons to Leave Your Waxing to the Professionals

Whether you’re growing impatient for your next appointment or you want to save a few dollars, there are many reasons why you might think it’s a good idea to wax yourself at home. We won’t say you shouldn’t do it, because many do manage without any issues, but there are several reasons why you may want to leave your monthly ritual to the professionals.

#1: It’s Less Painful

Waxing is all about getting the job done while inflicting the least amount of pain as possible. And just like ripping off a Band-Aid, we all know that the least painful way to remove a wax strip is in one swift and confident motion. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself waxing requires a certain level of masochism that you might not have mastered. The result? Pulling your wax strips slowly and awkwardly that removes little hair and delivers a lot of sting.

#2: It’s More Precise

Just like getting your hair cut or tying a bow tie, waxing is naturally more precise when you get someone else to do it. Professional waxing technicians understand the fundamentals of hair growth so that they are depilating your air in the right direction, which just happens to be less painful and more accurate.

#3: Say Goodbye to Red Bumps

Another common side effect of doing your own waxing is that we tend to give ourselves nasty red bumps. One common reason for this is when we try to be swift, we end up just pulling too roughly, which can break the skin and cause redness and swelling to the hair follicles. Precise hair removal mitigates this unsightly side effect.

#4: Professionals Can Reach Places You Can’t

This is the most practical reason to visit a professional hair-waxing technician. They can get to places that you simply cannot reach. We’re talking about those sensitive areas that require precision above all else. However embarrassed you are to show your body to a stranger during your Brazilian or bikini wax, just think of how much more humiliated you’ll feel if you end up with an unfortunate outcome.

#5: Professionals Know What They’re Doing

The pros have seen it all, done it all. There isn’t too much they haven’t experienced or witnessed. They’re called professionals for a reason—they’ve received schooling and training to effectively remove hair from all sorts of places and all different body types. You’re in good hands!

#6: It Takes Less Time

Yes, we understand that travelling to and from the spa takes some time, but once you’re in, the process takes only a few minutes. For some reason, maybe because we’re holding off the inevitable pain, waxing at home seems to take much longer. When you go to a professional spa to have your waxing done, expect expediency and efficiency.

#7: They’re Better at it Than You

Let’s call a spade a spade. There’s nothing quite like getting work done from a professional. That’s why you go to a hair and nail salon. These are things you can do yourself but have to admit that you’ll never be as good as someone who has the knowledge and experience behind them.

#8: At-Home Products Are Getting More Expensive

Depending on the brand and type of at-home waxing kit you buy, expect to spend anywhere from $10 to $30 (or more for high-end products) per package. Don’t forget that when you buy DIY kits, you most likely have to buy your own aftershave balm and cleansing wipes, as most packages don’t give you enough. Our services go as low as $10 and the results last much longer!

#9: It Will End Up Being Cheaper in the Long Run

For beginners, the cost of getting waxed can add up. But the longer you wax, the less frequently you need to, which means that over time, you’ll be paying less and less for a professional service that provides a cleaner, less painful, and more accurate result.

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