5 RelaxZone Services that Are Designed to Eliminate Stress

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5 RelaxZone Services that Are Designed to Eliminate Stress

At RelaxZone, we hope you leave feeling revitalized, rejuvenated, and totally relaxed, no matter what service you receive. Many of our clients come to us with tense muscles and worried minds. We take stress management very seriously, which is why most of our spa services are designed to reduce your stress.

If you need an extra boost of stress-killing massage or other spa therapies, here are the services we recommend:

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage involves the application of heated, smooth stones at different points on your body. It has been known to relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce stress and tension, and promote flexibility. Hot stone massage is non-invasive and very gentle on the body and the perfect introduction to massage therapy. By applying heat to key points on your back and other body parts, the basalt stones are drawing blood flow to those specific areas.


A cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture is a well-respected treatment plan for people suffering from a wide range of maladies and injuries. Many patients avoid invasive surgeries by undergoing acupuncture treatment; it’s that effective. How can acupuncture reduce stress? Essentially, acupuncture is responsible for rebalancing your body, eliminating pain, improving circulation, relieving tension in your muscles, and revitalizing your organs. It heals your body from the inside out, making you feel relaxed and calm.


When we’re stressed, our nervous system is under duress. Shiatsu massage is a technique using primarily the thumbs to apply pressure to different parts of the body that help relieve and essentially calm our nervous system. People who receive Shiatsu massage tend to feel more relaxed than they’ve ever felt. If stress is your baseline, this type of massage will help counteract your overactive nerves.

Swedish Massage

When you think of massage therapy, you’re most likely thinking of Swedish-style massage. Intended to relax the mind and body, Swedish massage is achieved through specific strokes, stretches, and circular motions performed by registered massage therapists. If you’ve never received a massage before, a Swedish massage is a perfect introduction to this type of therapy. Swedish massage therapy has been known to help people with a variety of stress-related ailments, like headaches, tense muscles, digestive problems, and lower back pain.

Pre-Natal Massage

If you’re expecting a baby, pre-natal massage might be your new best friend. Stress relief is absolutely crucial at this time in your life. Not only can pre-natal massage improve your mood, alleviate pregnancy-related pain, and reduce your stress, it has also shown to be beneficial to you and your baby. Pre-natal massages are performed by specialists who understand a woman’s changing body. One of the main benefits of this type of massage is to relieve women of lower back pain, the most common pregnancy condition that can make even the simplest tasks unbearable.

Is stress affecting your body, mood, and outlook on life? Say no to pain medications. Come to RelaxZone to receive one of our many stress-busting massages and spa services. Book an appointment at our Richmond Hill location by contacting us today.

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